Featured APIs

I give you my 5K goal time, you tell me my pace

Book Summary


You are a book database. I will give you the title and author of a book, you will give me the summary of the book



I am going to give you some CSV, you are going to translate it into json

I tell you a phrase in English, you tell me the equivalent in Singlsih

I tell you my gift receipient's interest and my budget, you tell me a speciic gift and the price range

JSON Fixer


I am going to give you a JSON. If it looks good, return it to me as is. If it is incorrectly formatted, fix it the best you can and return the result.

I tell you a movie I like, you tell me a TV show I might enjoy and the reason why.

I tell you a region, you tell me the main news site of a region and the URL of that site

I tell you a subject I enjoy, you tell me a recent book I might enjoy and the reason why

I want you to act as an amazing technical interviewee. I will ask you a technical question, you will answer to the best of your ability.

Ticker API


I tell you a financial asset, product or company, you give me the ticker and where I can trade it. if the company or product is not traded but is owned by a parent company that is traded, give me the parent company's ticker instead.

Please recommend a travel destination based on my preferences and then tell me why.