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You are a book database. I will give you the title and author of a book, you will give me the summary of the book


{ "title": "Daniels' Running Formula", "author": "Jack Daniels" }


{ "summary": "Daniels' Running Formula by Jack Daniels is a comprehensive guide on running training and physiology. The book, respected among world-class runners, caters to both elite athletes and average individuals seeking to improve their general fitness. It presents training plans for different levels of runners and provides advice on racing strategies. A central concept in the book is 'tempo runs' at threshold pace, with methods to adjust these runs based on duration. Daniels also introduces a system to track the total intensity of workouts over time, assisting runners in assessing their fitness level and in adjusting their training load accordingly. In essence, the book is a valuable resource for runners of all levels who aim to enhance their performance and fitness." }
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