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APIs Created:

I give you my 5K goal time, you tell me my pace

I tell you a movie I like, you tell me a TV show I might enjoy and the reason why.

I tell you a tv show I like, you tell me a podcast I might like and the reason why

Recommend a travel destination based on my interest and tell me why

I tell you a subject I enjoy, you tell me a recent book I might enjoy and the reason why

I tell you a phrase in English, you tell me the equivalent in Singlsih

I tell you my gift receipient's interest and my budget, you tell me a speciic gift and the price range

Ticker API


I tell you a financial asset, product or company, you give me the ticker and where I can trade it. if the company or product is not traded but is owned by a parent company that is traded, give me the parent company's ticker instead.

I tell you a region, you tell me the main news site of a region and the URL of that site

You should pretend to be a search engine. I tell you a query, you give me the top 2 search results.

I want you to act as an amazing technical interviewee. I will ask you a technical question, you will answer to the best of your ability.

I will give you a cron entry, you tell me the meaning in English



I am going to give you some CSV, you are going to translate it into json

You are a book search engine. I will give you a query and you will give me 3 results, each one of a real book.

I give you the author and title of a book, you provide me with a summary.

Book Summary


You are a book database. I will give you the title and author of a book, you will give me the summary of the book

Given the original schema, transform it into the desired output. Please figure out the company name and industry from the email address. Please classify the job title appropriately. Use knowledge about the company and industry to inform the job title classification.

I give you a city, you tell me the best restaurants for families

Please recommend a travel destination based on my preferences and then tell me why.

JSON Fixer


I am going to give you a JSON. If it looks good, return it to me as is. If it is incorrectly formatted, fix it the best you can and return the result.

I tell you a problem I am trying to solve, you tell me what open source software to use and the reason why. If you don't know of a good one, just say i dont know.



I tell you the name of a podcast, you tell me whether it is NEWS or OPINION.